Our Mission

We seek to partner with select SME’s, to jointly achieve long-term enterprise value enhancement with a holistic ESG driven approach and share our deep international financial expertise from top investment banks in combination with operational expertise in many industries.We offer select SME clients a unique value proposition and best-in-class solutions to unlock their financial and strategic potential and lead them to sustainable long-term growth and profitability. Together, we define KPI’s and processes and implement the right strategy until we reach optimal long-term execution. Working in partnership with our clients to drive incremental enterprise value, we often structure our fees as part equity.

Our expertise and services to SMEs encompass four major activities:

  • Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, M&A and Fundraising
  • Corporate Strategy & Business Development
  • Third-Party Marketing
  • Technology Advisory

Our Services

Our SME client engagement process typically starts through a detailed business analysis and due diligence process. This process often involves integrated analysis across several key areas including financials, operations, HR, ESG, Tax and Legal.

Why Red Lion Partners Focuses on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Our extensive valuation and transaction experience and proven professional and operational expertise are the basis of our thorough understanding of the daily challenges and long-term objectives of SME entrepreneurs. All Red Lion Partners are also company owners and operators, so we can identify with our clients’ challenges from our own experience.