Using an anonymized short profile, RLP approaches identified and potential buyers which have been approved by the client. Only once a more in-depth interest in an acquisition has been expressed and following the conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement the interested party is provided with the information memorandum and the request to submit an indicative offer. This way the confidentiality during the transaction process is ensured in the best possible manner.

RLP analyzes the incoming offers based on their commercial value and proposes those interested parties who should be permitted to examine the company’s accounts.

Final Negotiations as part of the acquisition or sale of a company until the conclusion of the contract.

As part of M & A-processes we take over the negotiations. Appointing a consultant is always required to achieve optimum results. Furthermore, direct negotiations regarding a planned future cooperation are usually conflict-ridden or painful for one of the partners. Our partners’ experience guarantees the best possible result without straining personal relationships and maintaining mutual trust in the future.