A fairness opinion is a financial advisor’s determination that the terms in a merger, acquisition, divestiture, leveraged buyout, restructuring, securities issuance or other transaction are fair from a financial point of view. A fairness opinion may be rendered on behalf of a company, its shareholders or a limited group of shareholders (i.e. public shareholders or non-controlling shareholders). Such a Fairness Opinion is evidence that fiduciary responsibilities have been discharged in good faith and with requisite expertise.

We assist boards of directors, investors, trustees and other corporate and organizational leaders, and governmental agencies, in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities by providing them with unbiased opinions about the financial fairness of pending transactions.

A comprehensive analysis, including thorough assessments of the proposed transaction as well as alternatives, allows clients to make informed decisions in the interests of their constituencies. A timely independent analysis may establish for the record that fiduciaries have adequately considered the proposed transaction and the potential alternatives and have properly exercised their business judgment.

Our know-how in valuing companies globally and their underlying securities- including common stock, convertible and preferred securities, warrants, options, various debt instruments, and partnership and limited liability company interests, in addition to our transactional experience, enable RLP to provide our clients with the expertise required to assess complex situations encompassing virtually every type of change of control transaction, including affiliate and insider transactions, concurrent mergers and tender offers, spin-offs, synergistic mergers, as well as transactions with competing offers.

RLP is an expert at valuations involving complex assets and liabilities, and assessing intangible assets such as databases, software, and libraries; contracts and franchises; copyrights; patents; licensing agreements; and marketing and distribution agreements. M&A is adept at situations that involve challenging and unusual circumstances.