RLP-InvestGlass is a proprietary CRM technology platform enabling us to combine our expertise and extensive relationships and deal flow process into one end-to-end platform

RLP uses sophisticated technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to conduct an intricate and pragmatic Due Diligence process and assessment of each client and their specific needs and to accurately match investors with prospective transactions.

Proprietary technology combines extensive relationships and deal flow process into one robust,data-driven, scalable, end-to-end platform – track unlimited number of capital raises seamlessly

Integrates multiple dimensions – companies, company information, company contacts, investors, investor information, investor contacts, deals, deal information, reps, notes, information requests, NDAs, VDRs, marketing materials, DDQ’s and ESG Checklists. etc.

  • Target capital raise by filtering from over 20,000 institutional investors and lenders.
  • Easily journal/access interaction with investors.
  • Track multiple capital raises seamlessly.
  • Create initial/follow-up email campaigns and track responses.
  • Create meetings and manage client calendars.
  • Comprehensive reporting to client.
  • Investors can directly access RLP’s current capital raises, investor presentations, NDAs, etc.
  • Issuers can see the status and interact with all of the investors interested in your transaction, in real-time.

Why Red Lion Partners

The guiding principle during the start-up phase of RLP was the experience that there are many contractors from whom one could purchase a company, but who should not be appointed to sell a company. RLP focuses on specific solutions for corporate transactions and the financing of medium-sized companies.
Whether it is the acquisition or the sale of medium-sized businesses, due to the inherent peculiarities and challenges both require tailor-made solutions and no one-size-fits-all approach. The transfer of a company to an external new generation of entrepreneurs requires skill, experience and last, but not least personal esteem:

  • We offer an integrated holistic advisory approach which in addition to advice on transactions and financing also includes entrepreneurial support and execution in strategy and operations.
  • Our functional deal experience and global competence transcends classic transaction advisory
  • Our systematic modular approach lends itself for even the most complex transactions
  • RLP’s executive team and each client specific execution partner-team are highly experienced advisors managing their own companies successfully whilst offering their expertise and networking capabilities to select RLP clients.