We apply an integrated approach to investor relations using a process designed to consistently enrich and refine the understanding of all parties involved. By staying on top to market trends and the goals of our investors, we are able to ensure perfect harmony with our investment approaches.

RLP utilizes a 5-step process to assure a mutually beneficial alignment between each investor and the selected asset managers.
The key proponents of our time-tested approach are:

  • Analysis:
    We analyze the market to determine which investors are best aligned with the strategies of our clients and investment managers.
  • Matching:
    In order to qualify for our services, we apply a rigorous set of standards to each potential party.
  • Introduction:
    Upon approval, we arrange a meeting between the investor and the financial manager.
  • Facilitate:
    After the introduction, we follow-up to corroborate our client’s goals, assuage concerns and facilitate proceedings.
  • Growth:
    Throughout the growth process, we keep clients up to date and informed. Depending on the needs of the parties involved, various information on market potential and the status of each fund are provided.

The primary benefits of this process lie within our extensive research process before the business has begun. Utilizing rigorous selection criteria after completing our qualification process, RLP takes pride in the confidence that our clients and investors have in our selections.

By enforcing stringent barriers of entry, we ensure that all parties share the same initiatives and will engage in meaningful interaction.