Together with our clients we develop and specify the transaction strategy. When selling a company an open auction, a hidden auction or an anonymous approach of “natural” buyers could be considered.

This way, we guarantee the confidentiality of the intention to sell and avoid that customers and supplier find out about the intention to sell ahead of time. When developing the suitable process, we particularly take our clients requests and ideas into consideration. Maximizing the sale price through a strong bidding contest or the desired speed of the process minimizes the strains on the company and the entrepreneur.

On the other hand, when acquiring a company, we ensure that the interest in the acquisition does not become known prematurely. As part of the consideration, we also develop an ideal transaction structure from an economic and – in cooperation with a tax consultant – tax perspective. If necessary, we also support our clients in closing gaps within the organization or the management team which may occur as part of a corporate transaction e. g. by the resignation of family members through active recruitment.