When RLP considers a new engagement, we use a highly selective screening process.

  • Experience (Manager/team minimum 5 years average)
  • Track Record (Existing and/or Exportable)
  • Scalable Team (team diversification; shared/exchangeable responsibilities)
  • Differentiating Asset Class or Methodology
  • Defined Investment Process
  • Scalability (not performance inhibited)
  • Reliability
  • Accountability
  • Transparency

Our agreement must contain consistent principles, including clearly defined goals and expectations, and The investment manager must make a realistic financial and resource commitment.

We become a long-term partner of the investment firm and provide the sales and marketing services.
As such, five critical issues exist that must be resolved before any business relationship can go forward:

  • Agreement over the contract duration (e.g. time horizon for the effort, product capacity, renewal options, etc.)
  • Scope of the agreement (e.g.- rights and responsibilities, accountability, goals, expectations)
  • Sales and marketing support service and activities
  • Level of the manager’s financial commitment
  • Sales accountability

Some of what we ask of our clients includes:

  • Submission of accurate, regularly updated qualitative and quantitative data, as well as compliance disclosures
  • Timely review and thoughtful analysis of marketing materials and sales plans
  • Broad accessibility for sales/marketing meetings and conferences
  • Prompt response to information requests
  • Participation in sales meetings and client service

Both RLP and its clients must share accountability for a successful effort.