Mindy Gross

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Tel Aviv

Middle East, USA, Africa, Europe, UK

  • Financial Services
  • Energy & Alternatives
  • Investment Banking
  • Strategic planning
  • Raising capital
  • M&A Start-up Advisory
  • Technology
  • A.I.
  • Healthcare

Ms. Gross is an accomplished C-Suite executive with a collaborative approach to driving growth for early and mid-stage companies. With extensive international experience across Europe, the USA, the UAE, and offshore jurisdictions, she excels in three key areas.

Capital Raising & Relationship Management: Leads fundraising efforts, identifying and qualifying investors, creating financing structures, and executing complex transactions. She has built over decades positive working relationships with investors from high-net-worth individuals to institutional asset managers and banks.

Strategic Planning: Creates strategic plans for growth, including short and long-term roadmaps, examining market trends, monitoring the business climate, and developing goals, objectives, and KPIs.

Leadership: Provides inspirational leadership and direction to teams, focusing on big-picture vision and mission statements, Focus on implementation, and problem-solving while mentoring to bring out the best in every team member. Applies honed emotional intelligence skills in building organizational and team success.

In 2018, Ms. Gross joined a group of young founders to build Rizse, an advanced robotics and A.I. company that has developed a fully autonomous drone platform to streamline aircraft inspection. Ms. Gross served as Chief Strategy Officer implementing the company strategy and mentoring the founders. She deployed the tools necessary to ensure the execution of the company vision, the building of a strategic roadmap, and financing structures for the entity. Ms. Gross was also responsible for corporate, legal, and board governance, negotiating employment compensation packages, and executing key milestones, KPIs, and metrics required for angel, pre-seed, and seed funding rounds.

Under Ms. Gross's leadership, Rizse's drone was the recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award for design and innovation in 2021. She raised angel, seed, and VC funding totaling over 4.5M USD, including equity, convertible notes, and SAFE vehicles. Financing rounds included strategic aviation industry experts.  Ms. Gross negotiated key hardware supplier contracts, secured early military grants, and created a deep collaboration with marquee industry players including the largest publicly traded Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) organization to purchase the drone platform for commercial and military customer applications. Ms. Gross established a top-tier advisory board with leading industry experts to assist with regulatory initiatives, including the FAA and seamless integration of the technology into the workflow of airline and military maintenance facilities.

In 2011, Ms. Gross founded Europartners Ltd, a boutique financial advisory services company creating value for start-ups and micro and small-cap companies. As Managing Director, she directed internal company operations, implemented business strategies, and fostered relationships with various clients. She also served as an interim c-suite executive to bolster the success of selected projects for client portfolios, including serving as interim Chief Business Development Officer of a de novo offshore Caribbean Bank.

Ms. Gross is a transformative executive with a diverse background in renewable energy, healthcare, and academia. In 2006, she founded EIG Renewable Energy Company and served as its CEO until 2010. EIG Renewable Energy was a global company that identified, acquired, and develop clean energy projects. During her tenure, Ms. Gross successfully directed company operations, built and managed the core executive team, and established strategic financial, commercial, and government relationships to secure the company's wind portfolio and solar technology acquisition. She was responsible for the negotiation and deployment of funding and land acquisition for the portfolio and recruited an executive leadership team for the deployment of early-stage funding for a 660 MW wind farm portfolio.

Ms. Gross's achievements at EIG Renewable Energy included building a cutting-edge matrix to analyze the wind project's financial model. Ms. Gross secured all required cross-border transactions and critical stakeholders, ensuring corporate compliance and timely completion of audited financial statements. Additionally, she secured a land-based development agreement for a 660 MW wind portfolio in Poland from a German greenfield developer.  Ms. Gross also secured 6M EURO in pre-seed and seed stage financing for the wind portfolio, completed extensive due diligence with international engineering firms and senior bankers, and succeeded in establishing the commercial viability of the portfolio’s value for institutional investors such as Deutsche Bank. She negotiated and secured a 240M EURO agreement with Deutsche Bank for mezzanine equity finance and > 1B in debt from Commerz Bank, Hamburg, Center of Competence Energy for Renewable Excellence establishing “differentiators” and ROI targets for investors.

Ms. Gross successfully negotiated the acquisition of 42% of an Israeli solar company valued at 12M USD.

In 1999, Ms. Gross co-founded and was the CEO of a comprehensive women’s private healthcare center in Israel. The center was the franchise holder of Women to Women, Yarmouth Maine, founded by Dr. Christiane Northrup and Marcel Pick OB/GYN NP. The center was the recognized pioneer of a women's holistic health approach emphasizing total wellness.

Prior to her career in investment banking, Ms. Gross spent more than a decade as an academic scholar in the classroom, focusing on philosophy, critical thinking, and teaching the value of servant leadership.

Ms. Gross is the proud mother of three children and nine grandchildren.