External succession planning should be initiated as early as possible and optimally prepared strategically, operatively, and structurally. This increases the entrepreneur’s chance to find the “optimum solution”. When selling a company, this “optimum solution” does not only refer to maximizing revenues. Important criteria includes one‘s lifework and social responsibility regarding mostly longstanding employees. Together with the entrepreneur RLP lays the foundation for an “optimum solution” and finds the “right” successor. Here, mainly the following options are considered:

  • Sale to a selected strategic investor
  • Adding a financial investor to the shareholders
  • Transfer to a successor as part of a management buy out/in (MBO/MBI)

RLP leads the process of the following tasks:

  • Discussion, identification and creation of the strategic, operative and structural framework for corporate transaction
  • Appraisal of the company
  • Mediation of conflicts among the shareholders
  • Optimizing mid-range planning
  • Determining the suitable transaction process
  • Drafting a meaningful, confidential information memorandum
  • Identification of potential investors
  • Setting up the data room
  • Preparing and carrying out the management presentation with qualified investors
  • Ensuring fiscal and legal optimization
  • Overseeing the negotiations until an agreement is concluded