Corporate crises make high demands on all parties involved. Usually, the entrepreneur is considerably pressed for time and pressured to take action. Lenders look for a solid and legally reliable basis for their decision to participate in a planned restructuring. A qualified reorganization reportin accordance with the regulatory authorities opens up new room for maneuver for all parties. In addition to preparing reports and a solid documentation of the causes for the crisis, RLP also offers the speedy implementation of the specified restructuring measures.

As part of the restructuring consulting our experienced industry experts take an in-depth look at the initial situation, the competitive and market environment, and the causes for the crisis. Based on this we can determine specific measures to restore the financial balance and the profitability in the short and long run.

We take over the following typical tasks as part of preparing a reorganization report:

    • Analyzing the company’s situation
    • Determining the stage of the crisis
    • Analyzing the causes of the crisis
    • Evaluation regarding the going concern (insolvency/excessive indebtedness)
    • Development/evaluation of the restructured company’s mission statement towards which the restructuring is geared
    • Development/evaluation of measures to overcome the corporate crisis
    • Development/evaluation of the integrated restructuring plan including the presentation of the problem and loss areas as well as the effects of the intended measures
    • Submission of a reorganization report

    Upon request taking over of the operational implementation of the restructuring concept by one of our industry experts as CRO (“Chief Restructuring Officer”).