Phase I – Foundation
For the first 3 months, RLP lays the groundwork for the marketing and sales campaign to follow. We establish roles and responsibilities between us and the investment manager.
Some of our tasks include:

  • assemble targeted contact lists
  • build a library of responses and resources to cover every conceivable area of concern for institutional investors
  • develop the full suite of sales and marketing materials, as well as the firm’s “story”
  • select industry databases for population

Phase II – Launch
Over the next several months, RLP will initiate the marketing plan by:

  • coaching our clients on the presentation skills needed to tell the firm’s story and describe its value proposition and investment process in the most compelling ways possible
  • completing RFIs and RFPs
  • fine tuning the marketing presentation and firm narrative
  • maintaining the industry databases
  • scheduling initial sales meetings

Phase III – Cultivating the Leads
For the balance of the engagement, RLP will:

  • adjust the marketing plan in response to current events and shifting market conditions
  • continue actively marketing the firm’s products
  • follow up with potential clients and schedule meetings
  • maintain databases
  • participate in final sales presentations

To assure our clients that the investments we recommend are of premier quality, RLP follows a stringent research process based on the following steps:

  • Continually monitor and assess the track record of asset managers across the wide range of investment classes.
  • Identify those portfolio management processes that have built the most attractive historical performance over the long-term.
  • Of that group, determine which investment teams best reflect a high strategic consistency and low turnover of personnel.
  • From that select segment, evaluate which firms demonstrate the most exceptional efforts in serving demanding investors.